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Osoosi is a master Astral Traveler. Invoke this powerful Orisha in matters of leveling justice and scouting out the most advantageous path for yourself. Osoosi is a tracker and master hunter. Many invoke him in order to discover the underlying root cause of a situation or to affect those who are serving as obstacles in your pathway. Osoosi specializes in magic done undercover and out of the sight of those needing to be dealt with. Osoosi , sometimes spelled Ochosi, is the great hunter and tracker, brother to Ogun and Sango. This seat of consciousness is often overlooked and it's one of the reasons our life goes wayward even though we're putting forth an enormous amount of energy to what we consider to be the solution.
Osoosi is the brother of Ogun and Shango. Just like the brother he is also a hunter, extremely well versed in herbs. In some systems he is also an archetype of agriculture. Osoosi is very similar to Ogun in terms of character but also in terms of offerings that would be made to him. Typically those that have received Ogun also receive Osoosi. Dealing with Osoosi, one is dealing with the energy of the archer. Another key connotation with Osoosi is that Osoosi’s home is the jail. He is the patron Orisha of bondage. Thus when one finds themselves in situations of incarcerations, the first Orisha one should go to is Osoosi.  Osoosi’s colors are turquoise, forest green, light blue or maroon. Osoosi is the tracker Orisha. Ogun is the hunter Orisha. One needs Osoosi to track which way to go. Osoosi being the tracker energy of archery that means we are dealing with straight ahead paths and his arrows never miss their target.  Osoosi is said to have killed his mother; which symbolizes that in order for new things to happen at a certain time, traditions have to be killed off.
Osoosi has the keen ability of astral travel which allows one to see through the unseen. The other energies for astral travel are Oya and Oshun. These are master travelers. Osoosi, he is also the scout for the direction to go in. while the other energies have courage and force, Osoosi brings direction.
Turquoise, quartz and copper are sacred to Osoosi. Osoosi is depicted as shooting an arrow up into the stars- bringing a solution from the higher realms and bringing it down to earth for one to process, understand and make use of.
To invoke Osoosi one can take a white plate or white corn meal spread it on the plate or floor if you have space and draw a cross on top of which you will draw an arrow and another one pointing to the left and then burn some frankincense which brings the sharpness of thought. You can burn celery seeds or ginger as well.
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