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Yoruba Culture is among other things about making affirmations. An example of an affirmation, “All the good things on earth that I possess, it is ORI that I praise…for he does not forget his devotees”
It is important to approach the Orisha breakdown starting with the foundationally critical spirit entity everyone should know and comprehend- you. You are the most important entity spirit to examine and explore and have knowledge of before any other deity external to yourself. A comprehension of the spiritual matrix within you is important. No amount of prayer, candle lighting or exorcism will enable you to encounter your desires if cannot open your own personal cosmic gateways. This is about your spirit connecting to your higher self. It begins when you maintain a good auric balance throughout your multiple dimensions that the entity known as you exists in.
To get into these concepts, two traditions are drawn from; the Haitian voodoo tradition and the Nigerian voodoo tradition.
The Haitian voodoo tradition has two extremely fascinating Ange: Ti Bon-the little guardian angel, a part of self that enacts the divine will of an individual’s inner consciousness, but also the awareness to all humanity; the Gros Bon Ange is the big guardian angel that resides in the greater awareness, the uniting force of duality, animates the human body. The Gros Bon Ange is about the universal evolution of you and the planet as part of a bigger ecological system. The Gros Bon spirit enters at birth and leaves at death.
The Nigerian Yoruba tradition puts importance to understanding the spirit/ spirits that exist within you, referencing not only your spiritual consciousness but also your physical plain for example, ORI ode (brain), Ara (the body), Ipako which connect you to your ancestors .
In the Orisha tradition there are certain Orisha set to crown one’s head at birth. One’s Orisha can be identified in one’s inclinations.  Most people if they have knowledge of the Orisha energies will usually have had their crowning Orisha revealed to them in visions or divine sign and would go through divination, just for confirmation.
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