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Irunmole Olokun is the force and power of the unconscious mind. The sleeping giant, if you will. The name, itself, means "Owner of the Ocean".
Olo- Owner and Okun/kun-Ocean.
Olokun governs the concept of space and is apart of the triune of powers known as Olokun, Olorun, and /Onile. Olokun is the owner of the sea, Olorun- the owner of heaven, and Onile the owner of earth.
Olokun us the energy of all bodies of water although usually connected with the depths of the sea while Yemoja/yemaya is connected with salt water in general or the surface of the sea.
For those living in the diaspora Olokun is rarely mentioned and when this force is mentioned it's often misrepresented. Some say Olokun is the husband of Yemoja, some say Olokun is androgynous, some say Olokun is a temperamental violent force chained to the bottom of the ocean and can only be controlled by Obatala. In all of these patakis that have been altered for the changing times we find some interesting truths about this amazing force. In the construct of the Yin and Yang energies we find that Yin represents space while Yang represents time. Space is a feminine or magnetic concept representing the infinite depths of transforming knowledge.
Analogous with Neptune (Italian Agricultural/Sea Archetype) and Poseidon (Greek Sea Archetype); we see a consistent theme of brutality and in the case of Poseidon a modus operandi of rape. Although Neptune or Neptunus was originally an agricultural deity more closely associated with freshwater this force is rarely mentioned outside of the company of Poseidon. Poseidon brother of Zeus and Hades, is the son of Chronos and Rhea.  With these various oceanic archetypes there is a consistent theme of of great violence brought about by tremendous emotional expressions. This references the power of the subconscious unconscious to completely cause upheavals of ones daily life on the earth's crust. Olokun governs the preserved sea monsters/inner demons that resides in the deepest recess of the subconscious mind that are left unresolved.  
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