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What is the energy of the Orisha Obba?
Are these laugh lines or wrinkles? Sometimes a simple question about the nature of aging can send someone into a downward spiral of insecurity. In the story or pataki of the orisha Obba, she was the elder wife of Shango, followed by Oshun and Oya.  Because Obba was the eldest she became insecure about the changes in her life and took advice from Oya, the youngest wife, on how to maintain Shango’s love. Oya despised Obba and tricked her into cutting off her ear and putting it in Shango’s stew.  Shango was disgusted by this and Obba, filled with shame and embarrassment ran away. She cried uncontrollably for so long that the Oba River was created.  In this story the 3 wives of Shango are representations of the triple goddess. The orisha Obba represents the crone aspect of the triple goddess.  Obba forgot, for maybe a second, how much power she had as an elder woman. The knowledge of self, the innate sexiness, the wisdom and the mysteries of womanhood only comes through the passage of time and the inner work to discover these aspects of self.  The maiden Oya, in this story, was afraid of aging. The changes that happen externally and internally are known and unknown. No one wants to see their laugh lines turn into wrinkles. But this is all illusion.
The body was made to decay because the experience we are having here on Earth does not last forever. And the ongoing theme of the ANU order is out of your corruption brings transformation and out of our ecstasy comes enlightenment.  As the body corrupts and we see age, what are we being transformed to? Or better yet, what do you want to be transformed into?  Remember to age is inevitable but to age beautifully and step into another echelon of power is optional.
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