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The sacred appearance and birth of twins.
The Ibeji are a fascinating phenomena that surface primarily in Yoruba land. 4.5% of the Ibeji born in the world are born in Yoruba-land.
The Ibeji are gateways for perpetual manifesting of anything they agree too. Similar to the number 11 or the concept of the twin towers, the Ibeji represent passages and gateways to new realities and even alternate realms.
Ibeji's share a soul, or ORI. They are the balance of created matter. One Ibeji holds the energy for the human personality and the other holds the energy for the spiritual personality. So, each twin needs the other and can not function with balance, without the other.
Erin Ibeji
The sacred statues that are created for the purposes of housing the energy and earthly vibration of each Ibeji twin is vital to the sustaining and health of an Ibeji child couple. The Ibeji dolls are laden with Jewelry and cowry shells in order to provide the weight and attraction to keep their souls on earth. These fetishes are cared for just as the flesh Ibeji is, especially in the case of the death of one of the twins.
The Ibeji are similar to the Marassa and the Gemini. In this they are not only the representation of one idea placed into two vessels but, they are like the Marassa lovers/twins in that they posses the power to produce anything they join to do. Due to this twins, in ancient Yoruba were seen as either a great asset to a village or a possible curse. Twins were placated and kept as content as doable so, that whatever they would create would be of a benefit to those around them. Twins have the power to bring total destruction or absolute construction.
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