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Paltalk Issues With Race 01
Admin Rules
1. Admins & Super Admins are limited to 6 minutes max time on the mic (with exception of owners). This rule is not to be abused but "USED CASUALLY".

2. Admins may assist other Admins at their own discretion. Example: If an Admin dot's someone off the mic who may have taken the mic out of turn, then another admin is a liberty to undot the person that was dotted by the first admin.

3. Super Admins may allow a special privilege to any chatter to play a recording or some other alternative as long as it isn't longer than 3:30 mic minimum, or the time that the Super Admin allots under the mic minimum. If there is no Super Admin available when a request is made then a regular Admin may grant permission under the same guidelines. (This privilege should not be abused and doesn't have to be extended to all that make a request).

4. Admins are not to use their h@t as a tool of abuse, revenge or a way to redeem yourself after being at odds with another chatter. (Remember, we are just chatters like all of the others in the room without an Admin h@t. Our goal is to be inviting to the mic and encourage discussion).

5. Admins are not to dot chatters off the mic in effort to speak. An admin may however speak in between them keying up in effort to address the room on rules, protocol or some other matter concerning the room format or rules of the room. (Try to keep it brief & please do not abuse this ruling).

6. Admins are not to dot other admins.

7. Admins are not to allow "PERSONAL DEATH THREATS" or threats of rape, child molestation, or violence upon another chatter that is currently in the room.

8. Allow a chatter 10-15 seconds to grab the mic before calling up the next chatter. Some may have slow processors or other computer issues. If they respond after the next chatter behind them starts speaking then it's no problem in allowing them to get their turn as long as that chatter was know to be in the line.

9. If a chatter is having computer issues and they lose spot in line due to a PalTalk crash or simply have to leave the room and return in effort to stabilize their program, then they may be allowed to take their position in line even if they are outside of the line upon their return.

10. Chatters that choose not to speak on a topic... but choose to raise another topic (no matter what it is) when there is a discussion that 3 or more other mic chatters are commenting on, should be granted 2 minutes maximum by admins. (This only applies when there is a very serious & in depth discussion. Please use wise discretion in determining this).

11. Chatters that take the mic with an agenda to be EXTREMELY annoying and disrupt the flow of the room (mumbling,  terrible singing, eating on the mic, taking calls on the mic, etc.) should  be dotted off the mic immediately.

12. Chatters are to be issued a verbal warning for minor violations before opting to bounce them.

13. Second chances are to be extended to all chatters who are bounced. The first bounce serves as an extreme warning. Chatters are then to be taken off bounce and allowed to return to room. If they repeat the offense to get themselves bounced a second time, then that chatter stays bounced for the whole 24 hour duration.

14. Bans are 3-or-5 days based on the severity of the violation. If anyone is in the ban box for more than 5 days then please clear their
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